Our Programs

State-of-the-Art Training Programs that enable your quest for Professional Certifications

Everything you need from an online training is packed in IIEEL’s state-of-the-art Programs. Whether you need excellent visuals in the video training or a thorough explanation of concepts, excellent resources to download or lots of tests and practice activities. Your course journey is completely thought through making these programs effective enablers in your quest of  professional certification.

Sustainability Programs

Certified Global ESG Professional (Associate Level)
Certified GRI Standards Sustainability Professional (CGSSP)
Certified Corporate Net Zero Standards Expert (CCNZSE)
Certified Enterprise SDG Impact Mgmt.Professional (CESM-Pro)
Global Sustainable Development Goals Professional (SDGs-Pro)
Certified MSCI ESG Ratings Expert (CMERE)
Certified TFCD-Climate-Related Financial Disclosures Expert
Certified Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (SASB)
Certified Carbon Accounting & Carbon Markets Expert (CCACME)
Certified ESG Investing & Risk Management Professional
Certified Sustainability Fundamentals Professional (CSF-Pro)
Certified Climate Change Fundamentals Professional(CCCF-Pro)
Certified Net Zero Leader for Financial Institutions(CNZLFI)
Certified ESG Materiality Assessment Professional (CMA-Pro)
Certified ESG Investor Impact Assessment Expert (ESG-IIAE)
Certified Investors SDG Impact Mgmt. Professional (CISM-Pro)
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