Our Programs

State-of-the-Art Training Programs that enable your quest for Professional Certifications

Everything you need from an online training is packed in IIEEL’s state-of-the-art Programs. Whether you need excellent visuals in the video training or a thorough explanation of concepts, excellent resources to download or lots of tests and practice activities. Your course journey is completely thought through making these programs effective enablers in your quest of  professional certification.

Leadership Programs

Certified Change Management Expert (CCME)
Certified Strategic Leadership and Change Management Expert
Certified Business Management and Strategy Expert (CBMSE)
Certified Corporate Diversity Equity & Inclusion(DEI) Expert
Certified Situational Leadership Corporate Coach (CSLCC)
Certified Communication Skills Management Expert (CCSME)
Certified Enterprise Strategic Management Expert (CESME)
Certified Enterprise Strategy Formulation Expert (CESFE)
Certified Enterprise Strategy Implementation Expert (CESIE)
Certified Marketing Management and Strategy Expert (CMMSE)
Certified Business Communication Professional (CBC-Pro)
Certified Cross Functional Collaboration Expert (CCFCE)
Certified Leadership Coaching Conversations Program (CLCCP)
Certified Leadership Coaching Practices Program (CLCPP)
Certified Corporate Communications Professional (CCC-Pro)
Certified Business Relationship Management Expert (CBRME)
Certified Customer Relationship Management Expert (CCRME)
Certified Life Stress Management Professional (CLSM-Pro)
Certified Adaptive-Impact Leadership Professional (CAIL-Pro)
Certified Stakeholder Management Professional (CSM-Pro)
Certified Expert of Speech & Presentation Skills (CESPS)
Certified Cultural Transformation Expert to Drive Excellence
Certified Teamwork and Collaboration Specialist (CTCS)
Certified Human Resources Talent Management Expert (CHRTME)
Certified Team Management and Facilitator Expert (CTMFE)
Certified Emotional Intelligence (EI & EQ) Leader (CEIL)
Certified Leadership Motivation Theory Expert (CLMTE)
Certified Employee Experience Improvement Expert (CEExIE)
Certified Manager to Coach Transformation Program (CMCTP)
Certified Strategic & Transformational Leader (CITL)
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