Our Programs

State-of-the-Art Training Programs that enable your quest for Professional Certifications

Everything you need from an online training is packed in IIEEL’s state-of-the-art Programs. Whether you need excellent visuals in the video training or a thorough explanation of concepts, excellent resources to download or lots of tests and practice activities. Your course journey is completely thought through making these programs effective enablers in your quest of  professional certification.

Excellence Programs

Certified Expert in Banking Products and Services (CEBPS)
Certified ChatGPT Professional (CCG-Pro)
Certified ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Professional (CCPE-Pro)
Certified Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Professional
Certified Product Manager Expert (CPME)
Certified Financial Institutions & Banking Services Expert
Certified ChatGPT Expert in Human Resources Department (HRD)
Structured Problem Solving Techniques for Managers & Leaders
Certified Creativity,Innovation & Transformation(CIT) Expert
Certified Business Process Modelling Professional (CBPM-Pro)
Certified Productivity and Time Management Expert (CPTME)
Certified Corporate Finance Professional (CCFP-Pro)
Certified Toyota Improvement Kata Expert (CTIKE)
Certified Blockchain Fundamentals Professional
Certified Fintech Foundation Professionals (CFF-Pro)
Certified Financial Business Structures Expert (CFBS-Pro)
Certified Master Black Belt (CMBB): Training Module-I
Certified Master Black Belt (CMBB): Training Module-II
Certified Master Black Belt (CMBB): Training Module-III
Certified Lean & TPM-Overall Equipment Effectiveness Expert
Certified Lean Six sigma Mentor and Facilitator (CLSSMF)
Certified Financial Credit Fundamentals Analyst (CFCFA)
Certified Lean Expert on Eight Process Waste (CLEPW)
Certified Lean Six Sigma Expert in 30 DMAIC Powerful tools
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