Dr ARR’s – Decoding ASQ Master black belt handbook towards Leadership excellence

On 18th Sept, Dr. Aravindan Raghavan (Dr. ARR) conducted a webinar entitled Decoding the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Master Black Belt Handbook (MBB) toward Leadership Excellence. Through Executive Coaching and Mentorship of ASQ Master Black Belt Book, the program aimed to transform participants into excellence leaders.

In India, Dr. ARR is the Asia/EMEA region First  MBB mentor who has cracked the ASQ Handbook of Master black belt course & is able to cover it practically with 95 simple videos.. Through Dr. ARR’s mentorship & certification program, till date 35 MBB’s have enhanced their leadership capabilities and have grown personally and professionally, both within the company and in their careers.

A summary of the key excerpts from the webinar is provided below

  • If Black Belts are professionals and changemakers, Master Black Belts (MBB) are the pinnacle of excellence in Lean Six Sigma. ASQ MBB is considered one of the best Body of Knowledge (BoK) in the world.
  • In the handbook, you will learn how to roll out global strategy, implement Lean & Six Sigma, manage projects, implement cultural change, mentor non-black belts, and mentor the top management.
  • You won’t be recognized as a leader if you are a BB, because you will live your entire career as an Operational Excellence Person. In this scenario, you could position yourself as a potential CEO or CXO with an MBB Certification and experience.
  • You can choose MBB if you have more than 10 years’ experience as a functional head. A Black Belt (BB) with 5 projects should immediately apply for MBB, or can do both at the same time. However, MBB certification will happen after BB only.
  • First, you need to get the knowledge and certification. Then, you should apply the concepts in the workplace for at least two years by referring to the handbook. ARR is also available to help as & when required.
  • With 23 chapters, the ASQ MBB BoK covers 5 main topics. They are Enterprise-wide Planning and Deployment, Cross-Functional Competencies, Project Management, Training Design and Delivery & Mentoring Responsibilities’. ARR has developed 95 self-paced e-modules based on the contents of the handbook that can be completed in 5 to 6 months. Mentoring sessions will take place every Sunday for an hour.
  • ASQ actual Cost of training and certification for CMBB is very high (2.25 Lacs or 3000 USD) and validity for 3 years, It’s better to learn the ASQ Body of Knowledge (BoK) from a qualified trainer or mentor, and acquire the same international certificate from a Singapore partner institute, which is more cost-effective (600 USD) and in future if you want to acquire ASQ certification this Dr ARR’s course will be highly useful to ace that exam as well..

Dr. ARR concluded the webinar by informing participants that they can be confident in their careers, as his mentees will have a mentor who knows the path and can guide them accordingly.

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